Fox Architecture’s proactive design process focuses on providing the highest degree of client service, focusing on the client’s objectives while delivering environments that achieve the highest levels of functionality, operational efficiencies, and flexibility for the ever-changing, dynamic healthcare, veterinary medicine, and commercial market sectors.

Our collaborative design process is deliberative and purposeful. Fox Architecture focuses on solving problems while creating consensus amongst both project stakeholders and end users alike. At the commencement of the design process, Fox Architecture identifies the unique guiding principles, the drivers that promote success, and the obstacles and challenges that inhibit success.

Fox Architecture adheres to the philosophical approach that the design, technical, and management aspects of each and every project carry equal value throughout a project’s execution. Throughout a project’s delivery, Fox Architecture leverages the expertise and talent of experienced, specialized consultants and the knowledge and experience of general contractors and builders to deliver a project within the schedule and budget parameters. Our professional staff has built a reputation of delivering quality projects with a focus on client service and a value- added process that meets, or often exceeds, our clients' business objectives.

Mission Statements

Commercial Practice

Fox Architecture understands that the delivery of commercial projects present unique challenges often requiring a focused project delivery with a “speed-to-market” initiative. Fox Architecture diligently collaborates with the client to understand and develop the complete scope of work to create enduring environments that contemplate scalable solutions and expansion strategies. Fox Architecture explores design solutions that create an aesthetic that reflects the client and its culture, and we balance first costs with life cycle costs to ensure that the design provided meets all programmatic and financial objectives of the client.

Healthcare Practice

Fox Architecture understands that the delivery of healthcare services is an ever-changing, dynamic industry with many complex yet interdependent variables that significantly inform the healthcare environment. Conversely, the physical healthcare environment plays a significant role in affecting not only the quality of healthcare provided, but also a healthcare provider’s ability to adapt, expand, evolve, and compete as the variables and industry trends shift.

Fox Architecture recognizes that healthcare providers face pressures from both external variables such as legislative influences, regulatory controls, changes in patient demographics, and procedural and technological advances as well internal challenges associated with operational flow and efficiencies, utilization and scheduling models, cost containment, and staff retention and recruitment. Fox Architecture addresses each of these variables, and we embrace the challenge of providing a healthcare environment that strategically addresses these complex dynamics. In short, we recognize that the healthcare industry faces two ever-present constants – change and the need to deliver quality care to the patient community that is patient centered while cost effective.

Veterinary Medicine

Fox Architecture understands that veterinary medicine projects present unique challenges associated with creating efficient operational environments that reduce fear, anxiety, and stress for pets; therefore, resulting in a better overall experience for all -- including pets, pet owners, and the veterinary care providers. Through careful collaboration with veterinary care providers, we engage in concepts that deliver environments from the perspective of pets and pet parents while implementing guiding principles for veterinary care. We explore opportunities to create cost effective design solutions that enable the veterinary care providers to deliver quality veterinary medicine efficiently to the pets in our communities.